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The Role of the Governing Body

School governors, together with the headteacher, are responsible for the overall educational and financial health of the school. They are all unpaid volunteers who meet regularly (approximately once a month) to discuss and decide upon all aspects of school management such as appointing staff, monitoring the budget, maintaining the premises and reviewing the curriculum. They have to build an in depth knowledge of the school and become our critical friends. The governing body is a legal entity, and governors execute their individual responsibilities collectively. In short, the governors are best thought of as trustees of the school who act in the interests of current and future pupils and staff.

We greatly value the professionalism and commitment of our governors. We have vacancies for new governors fairly regularly. If you may be interested in becoming a school governor, do let us know.

The DfE's Governors' Handbook describes the core functions of the Governing Body as:

1) Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
2) Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
3) Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Governor Newsletters

We have started to publish a governor newsletter to parents to detail some of the work undertaken by the board in the preceding months. Please find these below:

Governor Newsletter - Spring 2018

Our Governing Body 

We have put together some 'Governor Profiles' which give you information about who the governors are, and their roles on the board. Please click above. 

Please click this link for a list of our governors, including statutory information re: business interests and other declarations.

Our Chair of Governors is Mr. James Stewart. 

Name Category Appointing Body    
Mr. J Stewart Co-opted (Chair) Governors 8/8
Mr. P Thompson Parent (Vice Chair)          Parents 3/8
Mrs. J Rosamond    Co-opted  Governors 7/8
Mr. D Askew        Co-opted  Governors 4/8
Mrs. N Wiltshire         Co-opted     Governors 7/8
Mrs. K. Davies Co-opted    Governors 6/8
Mrs. B Calvert         Co-opted Governors 3/4
Mr. R Campbell Headteacher Ex-Officio 8/8
Mrs. K Davies Staff Staff 6/8
Mr. C Ditch LA  Local Authority 1/1
Mr. P Perry        Parent Parents 5/6
Previous Governors      
S Wood
LA Local Authority 6/8
A Fox Co-opted Governors 2/3

 * If you wish to see historic governor attendance, please scroll down. 

If you wish to contact a governor, please email our Clerk to Governors, Mrs. Yvette Scott, via


Governor Minutes 

Academic Year 2017-18

Full Governor's Meeting, May 2018 (awaiting ratification)

Full Governor's Meeting, April 2018 

Full Governor's Meeting, March 2018 

Full Governor's Meeting, February 2018 

Full Governors' Meeting, January 2018

Full Governor's Meeting, December 2017

Full Governors' Meeting, November 2017

Full Governors' Meeting Sept 2017


Academic Year 2016-17

Full Governors' Meeting, July 2017 

Full Governors' Meeting, June 2017

Full Governors' Meeting, March 2017

Full Governors' Meeting, January 2017

Full Governors' Meeting, November 2, 2016

Full Governors' Meeting, November 2016

Full Governors' Meeting, Sept 2016


Governor Attendance, 2016-17

Name Category Appointing Body    
Mr. J Stewart Co-opted (Vice Chair) Governors 5/7
Mr. P Thompson Parent (Vice Chair) Parents 3/6 (Working Away)
Mr. A Fox Co-opted       Governors 4/7 (Working Away)
Mrs. J Rosamond    Co-opted (Chair) Governors 6/7
Mrs. N Wiltshire         Co-opted     Governors 7/7
Mrs. K. Davies Co-opted    Governors 3/4
Mr. R Campbell Headteacher Ex-Officio 6/7
Mrs. K Davies Staff Staff 6/7
Mr. S Wood LA  Local Authority 5/7
Mr. N Gaulder     Parent Parents 5/7
 Previous Governors      
M Sands Co-opted Governors 3/6


Academic Year 2015-16

Full Governors' Meeting, July 2016

Full Governors' Meeting, May 2016

Full Governors' Meeting, April 2016

Full Governors' Meeting, March 2016

Full Governors' Meeting, February 2016

Full Governors' Meeting, December 2015

Full Governors' Meeting, November 2015


Governor Communications

Please click this link for information about how we communicate with parents and the school.